The Process


Discovery Call

A quick 30 minute call just to make sure that we are a good fit. We want to make sure that we can really help you. For example, if you don’t have a business, it’s going to be difficult to save you substantial amounts of tax. We promise: no pressureever.


Initial Strategy Session

On this video call, we dive deeper into your business, your financial affairs and your potential for tax savings. We will demonstrate how our strategies and techniques will save you at least as much tax as we show you on the call…


Final Tax Plan

This is the deliverable from the Strategy Session. This document will contain exactly what strategies Darrin Mish advises you to implement to save the MOST tax possible. It’s your choice what to implement or what not to implement. Some clients implement some strategies in year one and continue in future years as time and income allow.



There are some strategies that are very difficult if not impossible for clients to implement themselves. Some require a lawyer or other professional to implement. Darrin Mish will help you make the appropriate connections to implement your Tax Plan to the fullest extent.

Why Choose Us

Most accountants are simply recording history. They ask you what you already did and then record the answers on a tax return. There is no planning involved. You just pay what you pay… I like to say that when we work together, we will change the course of history. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to change the course of history?

Simply put, NO he doesn’t… I guarantee that your accountant isn’t covering all of the strategies that we will together. If your accountant is, well then they’re doing a good job and there is no problem with knowing that. That being said, it doesn’t happen often and I doubt that it will. Most accountants simply don’t have time to do any effective tax planning because they are doing so many low dollar tax returns.

It’s true that accountants and lawyers are trained differently. Accountants are trained in a very black and white world that is primarily driven by math. Lawyers are trained in advocacy and are taught that there are very very few certainties in the world. Over the past 20 years of representing clients in front of the IRS, I’ve used my skills as a former trial attorney to change the fortunes of many a case. Tax planning takes this one step farther. When we put in place the right strategies, with the right documentation, in the right order, substantial savings can arise.

No. If you like to make investments to provide a positive ROI, then you will love working with us. Most fees are based upon a minimum of three times return on your investment in legal fees. This means that it effectively costs you nothing to work with us.

If I listed them here, they really wouldn’t be secrets anymore would they? Suffice it to say, that you will understand the plan completely before we move forward together. None of this is based upon some super secret, super risky, single strategy. We string together a number of tried and true, court tested strategies, which combined, will save you substantial tax.

Simply put… ignorance. Most people, if they use a professional to prepare their taxes, don’t use someone who has the time and expertise to provide individualized tax advice to their clients. It has cost me tens of thousands of dollars and years to learn the techniques that we will discuss together. I simply have a different business model than your typical mom & pop tax prep company.

Anyone can be audited at any time by the IRS. It’s all a matter of the reduction of risk if an audit does happen. Having reviewed thousands upon thousands of tax returns over the years gives Darrin Mish the experience to be able to spot red flags almost as if they jumped off the page. Using the techniques that we suggest your audit risk (and the corresponding record retention systems that we suggest), should go down not up. Even though you are paying less tax in the end. The IRS cares less about the bottom line tax that you are paying then they do about how your tax returns present themselves.

Want to stop paying too much in taxes?

Schedule your strategy session today and learn more about how we can help you to stop overpaying your taxes all while REDUCING your audit risk and putting away more money for retirement!